Spamalot Review

Grand Opera House, York.  22 to 26 November 2016.  Reviewed by Marcus Richardson

The local York amateur dramatic group Pick Me Up Theatre are performing at the Grand Opera House in York. The show will be running from the 22nd to the 26th.

The famous Monty Python film was taken from the film Holy Grail and was put on stage in 2004. The production has to live up to the comedy genius’ as the film and the previous productions are highly entertaining to watch with its famous lines and witty jokes, did they do the job? Hell yes, I was laughing so much I started to cry, the actors did a tremendous job, they had roars of laughter from the audience and put on a very good show for everyone.

Emily Ramsden was the lady of the lake and by Jove she was amazing, she stood out from the rest of the cast because she was so funny and she has this incredible singing voice, she has her funny songs like ‘what ever happened to much part’ which I found the funniest part of the whole entire play and she works the diva she well. King Arthur is played by Nick Lewis who had a large demanding role as he was on stage most of the time he handled this pretty well and performed just as, he was always accompanied by his underappreciated sidekick Patsy played by George Stagnell who sings Always Look On The Bright Side of Life, the most iconic song in the play and I think he did a very good job and for sure you will too. My other stand out actor was John Whitney who played Sir Lancelot who was funny in songs like not dead yet, and with his rescuing of a ‘princess’.

The overall feeling of the knight, ooops night, was very good and just a bit of silly light hearted humour that I’m sure you will enjoy .