Some Mothers Do’Ave’Em Review

Richmond Theatre – until 4th June 2022

Reviewed by Carly Burlinge 


Based on the 1970’s Classic TV Comedy by Ray Allen brings Some Mothers Do’Ave’Em to stage. 

With Frank (Joe Pasquale) in need of a job despite his efforts of searching, and with the excitement of a possible new career as a magician now on the cards. Frank prepares himself for an evening of guests to entertain and the chance of bagging himself a new job by showing his act to all! Frank’s wife Betty (Sarah Earnshaw), on the other hand is a little sensitive as she’s not so eager to let out her amazing news that they are expecting for the first time. However, with another mouth to feed and Frank having a meltdown due to lack of funds already. Will there ever be the right time for her to talk? With Frank’s Mother’s moto – A trouble shared is a trouble doubled- as well as Frank continuing to always finish Betty’s sentences -will she ever be able to get the words out! 

Jo Pasquale plays Frank astonishingly well playing the awkward, nervous, slightly bewildered character that is so very accident prone, always at the centre of a joke and without even realising it! He also plays the very dear and sweet loveable individual that his wife Betty adores. Sarah Earnshaw plays her part with gentleness and warmth playing the encouraging wife enabling Frank to somehow fit in and have placement. They act alongside each other charmingly and delightfully, complimenting each other throughout the show. 

Let’s not forget to mention Mrs Fisher (Susie Blake) the mother-in-law who isn’t Franks no 1 fan, doesn’t generally look up to him and thinks he’s a bit of a failure! She’s wrapped up in her own love life and only make the whole situation increasingly funnier, by getting totally sozzled on Franks mum’s homemade booze. This only causing more confusion embarrassment and disorder in the house. Adding more uncontrollable laughter from the audience just perfect! 

With guests now arriving and Frank getting ready to perform for his big break! Mayhem begins and a chaotic madness is presented in true brilliance that’s tremendously funny – a slapstick comedy that is totally bonkers offering so many laughs, alongside some softer moments throughout making it just a wonderfully entertaining play that is pure comedy gold. What a lovely experience to hear the whole audience roaring with laughter from start to finish.  

Accompanied by an extremely clever set showing the magnificent patterns and colours of the 70s. Featuring many brilliant gags that are matched with Frank’s character. Such disastrous furniture giving way and collapsing all around them with electrical faults that get even funnier as the show continues and awkward comedy moments at every turn. What more could you ask for!  

Wonderfully entertaining the ultimate feel-good comedy with gags galore and innuendos. Matched with a great script and a brilliant and talented cast. A set that just keeps giving rolling out the laughter from all spectators. Pure brilliance – what an outstanding remarkable and exciting show.