Sleepless, A Musical Romance Review

The Troubadour Theatre – until 27 September 2020

Review by Heather Chalkley


Sleepless is a gentle story that sticks to its original heart-warming narrative. Entwined in its romantic tale you are faced with the question, do you believe in fate or do you create your own destiny? Thanks to the young boy Jonah (Jobe Hart), fate is given a well-pitched strike to bring it all together.

The musical experience of the leading players shines through, with the liquid tones of both Jay McGuiness (Sam) and Kimberley Walsh (Annie) melding together in soft and comforting melodies. This was greatly helped by a well-executed score. The humour of the piece was brought to the fore by Cory English (Rob) with his grown-up kid remarks and Charlie Bull (Victoria) and her jump out of your skin laugh. They were a welcome addition to balance out the wishful thinking and mournful looks into the distance.

The supporting cast give the production energy and context, with everything seemingly perfectly placed. I was particularly impressed with the automation of staging, providing smooth transitions and atmosphere between scenes.

Sleepless is light-hearted family entertainment that will give you a smile. In the end, we find that Jonah may have tried to create a new future for him and his Dad, but it was actually fate that finally brought Sam and Annie together.

The fact that this is the first large scale indoor production since lockdown, gives it a wow factor beyond the production itself. Well done Troubadour and Encore for taking the plunge. A heart felt thank you from one and all.