Sisters to livestream spoken word/folk gig theatre from the Space

Sisters to livestream spoken word/folk gig theatre from the Space 

“Your face is like a map. I can see all of the wheres you have ever been in that line between the corner of your mouth and your nose.” 

Isobel Hughes trained as an actor, her sister Anna, as a musician. They have come together during lockdown to create a unique piece of musical storytelling: a merging of folk music and tales, spoken word, original composition and text, in an attempt to bring back the magic they used to be certain of.  

You are on an island. And it is sinking. It is not a metaphor, nor is it a dream. It is the end. But how can you drown, when you haven’t a place to lay your bones? And when you don’t know where it is, how can anyone bring you home? A Place to Fall to Pieces is a search for roots, a lyrical journey, a love letter to the places we have been but never been from. 

Inspired by current folk revival and conservation movements, their own form of rewilding comes from digging up forgotten stories and using them to spin adjacent worlds where music and language are interchangeable. The sisters have explored magic, memory and earth, with the result being a musical quest for the meaning of Home. 

Artistic Director of the Space, Adam Hemming, says, Isobel and Anna closed our season launch night with a beautiful, mesmerising piece from the show and their trailer is equally hypnotic. Their work is certainly a tonic to the horrors of the world we’re in right now and it will resonate strongly with anyone who has wondered where they belong. 

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The performance details are:- 

A Place to Fall to Pieces 

12th and 13th February, 7:30pm 
On a sinking island a musician searches for a place to put her bones. 
A story (and a song) about magic, memory and earth. A musical quest for the meaning of Home. 

Written and performed by Isobel and Anna Hughes 

The performances will be livestreamed from the Space.  
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