This iconic film which was released back in 1952 tells the tale of how the 1920’s made way for ‘talkies’ films in Hollywood. Some people didn’t believe that the change from silent pictures could even be successful.

The show follows the world famous Lockwood and Lamont (played by Sam Lips and Jenny Gayner) who are stars of the silent film. As other producers are moving towards ‘talkies’ their producer and director Roscoe Dexter (played by Michael Matus) and RF Simpson (played by Dale Rapley) can’t afford to be left behind. The only problem being their female superstar Lina Lamont doesn’t have the voice to match her beauty which has been her only talent within the silent movie !

It was great to see such an iconic film bought to life again on stage with some amazing talent within the swing and ensemble. You can see the amount of rehearsing that has been put into the dance routines as they were all on top form, not a toe out of place and there were some astonishing tap dancing expertise out there tonight, just mesmerising to watch.

Three main cast were Lockwood, a love interest and later star of the films in her own right Kathy Selden (played by Charlotte Gooch) and finally Cosmo Brown (played by Ross McLaren), he is a lifelong friend of Lockwood, their scenes together show a fantastic working relationship between the actors, a real double act. Cosmo is a real cheeky, happy go lucky chap, a firm favourite with the audience.

The setting of the stage isn’t anything astounding but the 14,000 litres of water that are used each evening to perform the famous song ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ is something that I have never seen before live – I’m just pleased that I wasn’t sat within the first five rows of the audience! A big shout out to the stage hands clearing it up at the end of the first act.

Vibrant costumes, great lighting and wonderful songs such as ‘Good Morning’ and the title song of course had the audience dancing in their seats. A real feast for the eyes, a wonderfully executed show that is currently making a ‘splash’ in Birmingham .