School of Rock Review

Bristol Hippodrome – until 14th May 2022

Reviewed by Alexandra Browning


Get ready for a toe-tapping, head-rocking rock concert extravaganza.

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s adaption of School of Rock leaves you feeling like you’ve been to the battle of the bands yourself. The show starts with an insight into Dewy Finn’s hobby and living situation; a rock star with a messy home life. You’re then taken on the wild ride that is his venture into teaching. Upon arriving at school, you are quickly introduced to the strict ways of Rosalie Mullins, portrayed by Rebecca Lock. Lock brings her operatic talent into the production in the form of school chants and other musical numbers. The performance from Lock was a standout in the show, with her wide range of skills demonstrated throughout the show, with a character you just have to fall in love with.

The show continues with a classroom of high-paying students with a talent for classical music. Dewy soon locks onto the students’ potential and aids them with his personal collection of instruments. All of the talented students were playing the instruments on stage – in real life -(which was truly magical). However, the student Tomika* was truly breathtaking, the actress had impressive vocal control, and stole the show in her rendition of Tomorrow.

As the show draws to a close, you are transported to the battle of the bands where you get to watch the bands rock out to compete for the winning spot, I left feeling like I’d been to a gig myself with some cheering and some dancing!

School of Rock is a brilliant adaption of the film featuring a cast of many many talents, get those leather jackets out and have a rockin’ time.

*Tomika played by: Souparnica Nair, Jasmine Djazel, Angel Lucero depending on dates