Rice Review

Orange Tree Theatre – until 13 November 2021 

Reviewed by Carly Burlinge 


Credit and copyright: Helen Murray

Written By Michelle Lee – Rice is the story of Nisha (Zainab Hasan) a young ambitious business orientated executive worker who works for golden fields. A company that is the largest producer of rice in Australia. Her dreams are to become the first CEO in Australia as a woman. She is surrounded by powerful men in the office and feels undermined at times, she always puts in the hours to gain her success but struggles with making herself heard. On the other side of things, she also has a lot weighing on her mind regarding her home life and situations, she’s currently involved in a contract that could see her make millions!! 

On her late shifts she encounters the cleaner an older Chinese lady called Yvette (Sarah Lam) who cleans her office and has no problems in voicing her opinion about what annoys her and how things should be done! Yvette has her own struggles in life is a failed entrepreneur and also has many issues in her private life and although the relationship seems hostile at first. They start to begin and realise that their worlds are not so completely different after all and that maybe they are fighting for the same thing.  

Both actresses played many different roles within the play, their switches were very dramatised but done with brilliance and ease throughout. The dynamics between them was impressive, remarkable and outstanding to watch throughout. 

This production was an interesting one to watch as well as enjoyable with a lot to offer.