Priscilla, Queen of the Desert Review

Mayflower, Southampton – until 9 October 2021

Reviewed by Alexandra Browning


Priscilla Queen of the Desert is a showstopper that is guaranteed to have you laughing and dancing in your seat.

Upon the curtains opening you are immediately whisked away to the land of down under and the start of a truly wonderful tale. Immediately the show starts with a wonderful tune, you are immediately in the zone having a boogie, then you are transported to an Australian drag bar where you are welcomed to the show by none other than the queen Miss Understanding played by Kevin Yates. Yates warms up the crowd in the most wonderful of ways making you feel like you went to her show, when in fact the show is only just beginning.

You’ll be immediately lost in the incredible soundtrack that features all of your feel-good classics and is knocked out of the park by the supporting cast and ensemble’s incredible harmonies. A personal favourite of mine was the incredible rendition of The Pet Shop Boys Go West the stage version included magnificent multiple-part harmonies and a very exciting dance number. Although the whole cast had wonderful voices the efforts of the three divas provided wonderful vocals to all the top hits through the performance.

Personally, the standout performance of the show was Felicia/ Adam played by Nick Hayes As the role was encapsulated by himself. Hayes made the jokes seem lighthearted and fun but allowed an insight into the more serious elements of the production. Hayes brought the stage to life and ensured all eyes were on him, or should I say her.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert is a must-see showstopper guaranteed to have you dancing in your seat.