Peppa Pig’s Adventure Review

Theatre Royal Haymarket – until 6 January 2019

Reviewed by Alexandra Sykes


On a cold December morning the last thing most people want to do is sit in a theatre with a lot of children under 5 whilst watching a show aimed at a young audience. However, Peppa Pig does have a lot of funny moments for both children and adults.

Peppa Pigs Adventure is really good. If you’re 4. The members of the audience sat around me enjoyed joining in with looking for Peppa on the stage, singing the songs and laughing at the jokes. The characters of Peppa and George pig, Suzie sheep, Pedro pony and Gerald giraffe are large puppets on wheels operated by actors standing behind them and wheeling them around but in the eyes of a little child all they can see is Peppa and her friends.

The character of Daisy, the only human in the show, is played by Bronte Tadman. A special mention must be given to the fact that she managed to remain perky and very energetic throughout the whole show. Tadman interacted with the children throughout the show and was clearly the real star of the show, not Peppa.

The scenery is basic but the theatre is home to a musical on an evening so most of the backdrop is a rather large white sheet. The whole of the stage is used for the scenes and buildings such as the school look exactly like they do in the TV programme.

The highlight of the show had to be Santa on stage with Peppa Pig (and friends) singing Jingle Bells, which a lot of the children joined in with.

All in all Peppa Pig’s Adventure is good and makes a brilliant first theatre show for children.