Out, Out! offers Newcastle audiences an exploration into social media | Alphabetti Theatre. Newcastle | 18th October – 5th November 2022

Reminding audiences to live in the moment,
Out, Out! comes to Alphabetti Theatre
Alphabetti Theatre, St James’ Boulevard, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 4HP
Tuesday 18th October – Saturday 5th November 2022, 7:30pm

As part of Alphabetti Theatre’s Reaction Artist programme, Joana Geronimo’s Out, Out! will unite audiences as they join her on a journey of self-discovery into social media. This joyous and lyrical production will explore societies dependency on social media, our individual intake and the ways in which we choose to portray ourselves online. Based in Newcastle, Joana Geronimo (From the Sky to Your Hands, May 2022; The Space Between Us, Open Clasp) will star in this wonderous one-woman show, directed by Wambui Hardcastle (Winner of the Young Northern Writer Award, 2020).

Joanna is getting ready to hit the town – her boots are on, her phone is charged and she is ready to dance until dawn! She isn’t going to think about how good a picture this would be, how happy everyone would be if she shared it or how she can prove she was there. Joanna’s life stretches across two worlds, the old and the new and sometimes she struggles to tell the two apart. But just for tonight, the phone is going down, her hands are going up and she wants you to join her!

Out-Out! will create an open conversation with audiences about navigating life in the ‘real’ and online world, to challenge the absence of the internet in live theatre and use this as a method for audiences to create and play alongside an actor. Geronimo will delve into these moments, by sharing stories of her favourite memories growing up and her relationship, or rather lack of, with the internet when living in Angola.

This celebration of life will showcase how even the tiniest of moments, can result in the most joy, as audiences are invited to dance and interact with the performance. The staging will be supported by AV projection that will act as the set of the show, alongside more minimal props of pebbles and chalk.

Performer Joana Geronimo comments, It is good to be on social media sometimes, as long as we use it and don’t let it use us, because there is a war, and you know what the prize is? The soul!

Producer Eilis McGowan comments, Joana is inviting the audience to create a special moment with her, and I think audiences are really going to love it.