Once Review

New Victoria Theatre, Woking – until 15 February 2020

Reviewed by Becky Doyle


“Once” and for all this was a beautiful love story with an upbeat vibe. From the moment we entered the theatre, early, to the sound of Irish, jig worthy music I was sold. Daniel Healy and Emma Lucia (Guy and Girl) played their parts fantastically, with amazing chemistry you understood and could feel their emotions and yearning.

But… what is a love story without a twist? Whether it be family, ex-girlfriends or a spouse that stands in the way, this story was destined to have tears, turns and laughs along the way.

The music throughout was enjoyable and a definite toe tapper, Ellen Chivers (Reza) in particular, had the most beautiful voice, reaching notes above expectations. Again though, Emma Lucia’s solo towards the end of the show was a stand out for me with its touching nature and again her voice incredible, I was a little sad when the song ended abruptly.

The set and space were well used, with minimal props other than tables and chairs, though used to its potential and optimised when needed through extensions and single items.

The music in this show was fantastic, each and every actor/actress had an unbelievable musical talent, playing whilst dancing and singing with the upmost energy, this really was the key part of the show, they genuinely looked like they loved what they do.

I would highly recommend this show to anyone who likes a bit of music, a bit of humour and ultimately someone who loves a love story!