No Miracles Here Review

Greenwich Theatre – until 16th March 2019

Review by Elizabeth J Smith


Suicide in Young men isn’t usually a subject we want to think about let alone spend an evening contemplating it.

No Miracles Here is a musical covering this sad and emotive subject in a humorous, lively and toe tapping way.

We meet Ray, Stan Hodgson, a young man struggling with life. He has no enthusiasm for his dead end job, constantly being pulled up on being late and compared to the confident slightly sleazy top sales man Ross, Michael Blair. Ray feels there is no point in living anymore and tonight he will end his life. He is slightly derailed by his co workers inviting him to an all night dance marathon, he figures “why not” and as the night progresses he learns that all of us have issues we are dealing with and appreciating that may help each of us deal with our own problems in a more compassionate way to our selves.

The stage is set as a live band and all the characters are part of the band and they are all very accomplished musicians. We move from the office of the kitchen company where Ray works, to the dance hall where the marathon dance is taking place and you get a real sense of the exhaustion you may feel if you were dancing all night. The dance moves are slick in their simplicity and the pace of the piece has great tempo. The costumes are very much in the Northern Soul style as is the dance moves.

Ray finds that as he reconnects with others and learns that they too have their issues his decision to commit suicide is put in question.

Written by Meghan Doyle, who also plays Ida. The play is an informed and sympathetic piece of work. With reference to the Samaritans and Mind in the free programme they show a knowledge that anyone could be suffering and if you reach out it may just help you through.

“Tighten your laces, look at the band and don’t let your knees touch the dirty ground” is the anthem of the piece and just like your told when things are tough just keep putting one foot in front of the other and it will take you to a better place eventually. You leave the theatre not sad but uplifted knowing that a little love and friendship can be all it takes to change lives.