New theatre investment fund launched by producer Mark Goucher

New Theatre Investment Fund Launched by Producer Mark Goucher

  • Cheltenham Everyman Theatre Chief Executive Mark Goucher announces new investment fund
  • The Cheltenham Theatre Investment Fund will make investments in commercial touring and West End plays and musicals

Mark Goucher, Chief Executive of the Cheltenham Everyman Theatre and owner of Mark Goucher Productions Ltd, has today announced the launch of a new theatrical investment fund. Spearheaded by Mark, and some present and past board members of the Cheltenham Everyman Theatre, the Cheltenham Theatre Investment Fund will be an important new player in the world of theatrical investors. Following a very successful first raise the fund is now operational and will continue to accept investment to top up to its half a million-pound target. The fund intends to take investment in commercial touring productions of plays and musicals and also in new West End productions.

The fund, governed by a board of business leaders from the Gloucestershire area and led by Mark Goucher, will receive and review investment applications.

Mark Goucher said: “When I became Chief Executive of the Cheltenham Everyman Theatre I wanted to broaden the involvement of the business community in the theatre. While the fund is not administered by the theatre, 10% of the profits will be channelled back into the educational and community work that this very important local theatre fulfils. As a commercial producer of 25 years, I would like to think I will be able to find great new theatrical investment opportunities which will be of benefit to both investors in the fund and the theatre that I am very proud to be running”

For further information on either joining the fund as an investor or applying for money from the fund, please contact

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