Mamma Mia Review

Bristol Hippodrome – until 2nd July 2022

Reviewed by Lucy Hitchcock


Björn Ulveaus and Benny Andersson’s unmistakable music prowess of ABBA hits Bristol Hippodrome in Mamma Mia the Musical.

We follow Sophie (Phoebe Roberts) as she navigates through her most stressful few days, planning a wedding and discovering she has 3 potential fathers! Her mother Donna (Sara Poyzer) has a difficult job-keeping her daughter calm whilst internally spiralling herself over her past being dug up.

Sara Poyzer as Donna was the driving force of this production. Her incredible vocals, excelling during ‘The Winner Takes It All’ were brilliant and she gave such an emotional arc that the audience were completely pulled with her character. When mixed with Nicky Swift and Helen Anker as ‘Rosie’ and ‘Tanya’ this was a perfect trio, whose harmonies blended smoothly during ‘Super Trouper’. The stand out song of the show, however, was Anker’s ‘Does your Mother Know’-this was the perfect pick me up and James Willoughby Moore as Pepper (a young lad infatuated with Tanya) was superb. His comedic timing and great dancing made for a really enjoyable song. All 3 of the potential fathers, Richard Standing as Sam Carmichael, Daniel Crowder as Harry Bright, Phil Corbitt as Bill Austin were great-they had some great scenes with Donna and the audience felt a connection with them.

Unfortunately, I found the first act very flat. Whilst Phoebe Roberts as ‘Sophie’ had good vocals, she left me quite distracted during a few scenes when she was pulling on her clothing and hair which was seemingly uncomfortable. This did pull my focus and during many scenes she was in, I found myself anticipating that there would be an adjustment of clothing.

Anthony Van Laast’s choreography is great and really highlighted the abilities of this super ensemble, peaking during Voulez Vous. The ensemble dances were a real spectacle.

This is a feel good show, whose music can be enjoyed by all ages, Avid ABBA fan or not!