Madama Butterfly Review

Richmond Theatre – Sunday 8 March 2020

Reviewed by Carly Burlinge

4.5 ****

Madama Butterfly is written by Puccini and directed by Ellen Kent.

When Lieutenant Pinkerton (Georgio Meladze) wants to marry Cio-Cio San (Elena Dee) a Japanese girl in which he sees as a short lived experience more lust than love. He wants her to put aside her fears in order to become his wife. She sees it very differently and is very much in love with him and quickly puts all her trust into him and the marriage. Putting her Japanese traditions and religion aside in order to take on his American traditions and make him feel happy and to fulfill their relationship. In her eyes it is true love and destined to last forever. But when her family find out they disown her for her choice to marry an American and give up the families beliefs leaving Madama Butterfly disowned but happy to be with the one she truly loves.  He stands his ground by telling her that their words are not worth any tears from her beautiful eyes. She is so besotted and feels that her rejection is soothed from her husbands love.

But when her husband leaves promising to return a year later. Three years pass by and still  she remains hopeful that their love is pure and he will return to her. Sharpless (Iurie Gisca) Lieutenant Pinkerton’s friend an American consul who is very knowledgeable about Japanese tradition tries to warn him from the beginning that this may be a dangerous game in which he is playing with Cio-Cio San (Elena Dee) and can only end in tragedy and with many consequences to follow.

Madama Butterfly (Elena Dee) is amazing to watch as she glides across the stage so elegantly in traditional Japanese costume. Her voice was beautiful to listen to as she carried it across the room with such emotion and feeling, captivating the audience throughout the show .

Mr Pinkerton (Georgio Meladze) also gave a strong and commanding performance with a very  powerful voice together making  them have a exceptional connection on stage also with a very emotional powerful bond in acting as well as through song.

The set was beautiful and very colourful and done to a high standard. It had a traditional Japanese home with sliding doors that overlooked a beautiful garden with many bright flowers, ferns, rockery, lanterns as well as working water features. The greenery went across and around the upper stage alongside a bright blue sky making it a very detailed but such a beautiful set.

The orchestra were absolutely incredible  throughout what beautifully played music from such talents,  giving the show greats depths throughout, especially for some of the more dramatic scenes. The sound was just superb.

Madama Butterfly was an outstanding Opera to watch, such an enjoyable night out and one that is not to be missed.