Macbeth Review

Big Telly Theatre Company – until 17 October 2020

Reviewed by Samantha Reed


In a world of dismay, as restrictions forbid us to visit the theatre, Big Telly productions capture us in this eerie, dark yet modern adaptation of Macbeth. As an audience we are invited via conference through the Zoom online app, which draws us in to be part of this magnificent Shakespeare play.

A modern twist on Macbeth led by Zoe Seaton as director, being filmed through each cast members own home, different back drops of dark forestry and grand halls set the picture to each scene of the play and technical dignitary from Big Telly NI. An eerie resemblance of somewhat towards the ‘Blair Witch Project’ with a cast of just five members portraying each character.

Lights down, candles burning. The show opens with the 3 witches portrayed by Aonghus Og McAnally, Lucia McAnespie and Dharmesh Patel, all displaying on separate screens, yet grafted together as the music entwines and begins this tale…..

Duncans entrance begins in a terraced house on this modern adaptation

We are drawn in by Dennis Herdman and Nicky Harley’s strong performance as ‘the Macbeths’. Lady Macbeth has us gripped. A scene filmed from a bedroom begins with her watching her laptop, giving way to this modern adaption, making us feel we are in the room with her, as she speaks unsaintly. Herdman creepily enthrals us through his close-up facial videos, scarily bringing us into Macbeth’s thoughts and emotional behaviour of what is going on inside his mind.

The performance between Macbeth and his Lady induce us into feeling as though we are in the theatre. Some small issues of sound and dropping signal do not withdraw from the pull towards watching this gripping adaptation.

A must see through this new online theatre production