Luca Silvestrini for HeadSpaceDance – streaming from tonight

Luca Silvestrini’s Protein announce new online works for broadcast

Before the Interval and After the Interval, a double bill of works conceived and directed by Luca Silvestrini for HeadSpaceDance and originally performed in 2012 and 2014 will start streaming this week

Premiering 6 Nov at 7pm and then available online until 15 Nov at 11.59pm 2020

“There aren’t many dancers around who could carry this piece [After the Interval] off and strike the requisite bittersweet note, but these three can and do. They’re very, very good together” The Observer

A double bill of works offering a touching glimpse into the lives of dancers offstage and backstage is to be streamed from today as part of the ongoing Protein 21 Remix digital series. After the Interval (2012) and its sequel Before the Interval (2014) are Luca Silvestrini’s works for award-winning HeadSpaceDance, curated as part of two programmes of new commissions and revivals from artists including Javier de Frutos, Mats Ek, Didy Veldman, Matthew Dunster and Johan Inger. The original programmes comprised a series of solos, duets and trios for Charlotte Broom, Christopher Akrill, Clemmie Sveaas, Jonathan Goddard and Gemma Nixon.

The broadcast is presented in partnership with DanceEast, Northern Ballet and The Arts Centre at Edge Hill University and features introductions by Luca Silvestrini and HeadSpaceDance’s Artistic Directors, Charlotte Broom and Christopher Akrill.

Three and Four Quarters, (which After the Interval was originally part of) ran at the Linbury Studio Theatre for four nights in 2012 before going on tour in the UK. Its success led to the Royal Opera House commissioning a follow-up, If Play is Play…, in 2014 for which Silvestrini created Before the Interval. This broadcast unites Silvestrini’s two commissions giving audiences the chance to see them together for the first time.

After the Interval pins Silvestrini’s observational genius to satirising dancing life. A show about dance and dancers that opens with the performers’ curtain calls, who then answer audience questions, and continues with revivals of their past stage roles and steps. After the Interval brings to the fore the art of dance making and the backstage lives of dancers while celebrating Broom/Akrill’s over 20 years of joint career and the start of their company HeadSpaceDance

Before the Interval was the second commission in which Akrill, Goddard and Sveaas take Broom’s absence as a cue to promote their own talents as dancer-directors, projecting themselves into what their future selves could be. Using Silvestrini’s style of humorous dance theatre, they speak their thoughts about their potential careers, audience expectations and hold conversations as they simultaneously move.

This programme is part of Protein 21 Remix which broadcasts historical works onto the digital stage.

Listings Information Running time 70 mins

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