Looking Good Dead Review

 New Victoria Theatre, Woking  – until 18 September 2021


Reviewed by Carly Burlinge  

Joshua Adams and Peter James Present Looking Good Dead. 

When Tom Bryce (Adam Woodyatt) finds a memory stick that has been left on the train by accident. He decides that if he can gain access, he will be able to return it to its rightful owner doing a good deed. But when he can’t get into the memory stick his son Max Bryce (Luke Ward-Wilkinson) decides to crack its code, the contents are not what they expect and they both witness a vicious murder! Now in a very ill position his family are in grave danger and are threatened with their lives. Tom and his son are warned never to access the site again or to go to the police but when his son Max can’t handle what position he is under, he then contacts Detective Superintendent Roy Grace (Harry Long) with information having more consequences and plunging his whole family in further peril!

Tom Bryce (Adam Woodyatt) and Kellie Bryce (Gaynor Faye) had a great connection on stage appearing as a middle-class family with many issues! Tom trying to be an entrepreneur but with his business failing miserably and Kellie as a typical housewife who loves her husband and son but has many issues of her own. Which consist of past alcohol issues and spending money like it’s going out of fashion. An issue that only causes more friction between them and their household. 

This production is full of deceit and dishonesty along with forgiveness. Full of gripping and unforeseen twisting turns, that will shock you to your stomach and will have you guessing all the way through keeping you in suspense whilst trying to work out the plot. 

The stage was executed extremely well, with the audience being able to look into the family home. A screen across the back changing into a torture chamber that gave the illusion you were watching it from a screen. The police office also appeared in a simple form and structure as it rolled out onto the stage darkening out everything else around it.  

This show was just amazing and definitely one not to be missed just fantastic.