Looking Good Dead Review

Leeds Grand Theatre – until 11 September 2021

Reviewed by Katie Goldsbrough


Looking Good Dead, based on Peter James’ novel of the same name follows the Bryce family and their involvement as witnesses in a brutal murder. After Tom Bryce brings home a memory stick he found on the train him, and his son Max unintentionally witness a young woman being killed online. 

Tom (played by Adam Woodyatt who found fame playing Ian Beale in EastEnders for over 30 years) stars alongside Gaynor Faye (Emmerdale and Coronation Street) who plays his wife Kellie and Luke Ward-Wilkinson who plays their son Max. We soon learn there have been other issues in the Bryce house with crippling debt causing major problems for the family. Things go from bad to worse when detective Roy Grace gets involved and they find themselves fighting for their lives.

Initially it seems this is just payback for contacting the police, but could there be something more personal going on? With twists and turns from the start you will find yourself on the edge of your seat trying to guess what might happen next and who might be involved. With a shocking opening scene and a shocking end reveal you will be in suspense throughout. There’s sure be some surprise revelations along the way.

The set was cleverly set up switching from the Bryce family’s home to the murderer’s lair, enabling us easily to transition from one to the other. allowing the action to flow and to keep you in a constant state of suspense.

Looking good Dead is an enjoyable murder mystery with a few light-hearted moments provided by the police officers and their ‘cracker jokes’.