Lloyd George Knew My Father Review

Windsor Royal Theatre – until Saturday 7 November

Reviewed by Carly Burlinge


Lloyd George Knew My Father by William Douglas-Home is the story of Lady Shelia Boothroyd (Liza Goddard) when she finds out that the authorities are planning to put a bypass through her estate, this makes her very unhappy indeed. She loves her house and loves to tell the history of her estate. To anyone that will listen. When this sad news comes she announces to her family that if the bulldozers start on their scandalous work she is going to kill herself. Which causes quite the commotion within the household! Her Husband General Sir William Boothroyd (Tom Conti) who likes to reminisce and tell a story or two, is a little forgetful and dithery as well as a little eccentric, short of hearing, loves a laugh and thinks that his wife is not all there and totally bonkers. Tells everyone that she hasn’t listened in years so why will she listen now? Tom Conti and Liza Goddard both play their  part brilliantly well and had the audience in laughter on many occasions.

Their son Hubert Boothroyd (Robert Duncan) who happens to be a typical MP and is under pressure from his mother Lady Shelia Boothroyd (Liza Goddard) to try and make the Minister of Transport see sense and feels that he should resign to make a point! He gets very frustrated when he is unable to help her in the matter and stop the bulldozer from destroying some of their land.

As all the family try to offer their support they call on Rev Trevor Simmonds (Martin Carroll) to see if he can talk her out of her outrageous idea! Will she go ahead with it or not?

This show had lots to offer, with great acting, many laughs from the audience and was generally a delight to watch definitely a show to see.

Sounds affects which were executed by Martin Carroll were marvellous from the crunching of toast to the clinking of glasses, opening of curtains, rustling of the papers, giving the show a sense of depth and reality very well done indeed.