Little Red Riding Hood Review

The Arts Centre, Hounslow

Reviewed by Andrew Harrison


For any show during these times, I applaud theatres and companies who manage to get a production onto stage even if it’s just online. Unfortunately, this production really needed an audience in order to have a real Christmas spark. A real audience was expected until the change in tiers, so it is very unlucky for The Arts Centre.

The story of Little Red Riding Hood, in this version written by Jonathan Ashby-Rock, as also Co-Director, Producer and Prince Claus, becomes a wannabe detective. The Big Bad Wolf has escaped from prison and Little Red Riding Hood tries to discover the Wolf’s accomplice.

The set is very one dimensional, the first act comes across as a very grey forest and in the second act as Grandma’s Cottage, only slightly becomes a little more colourful. I am sure that with the lighting and the excellent costumes in real life it would have lifted the show.

The real gem here is Little Red Riding Hood as Daniella Piper. She was a delight to watch and I hope to get a chance to see her performing again when I can get into a real theatre. The rest of the cast were also superb throughout, but it is such hard work without a live audience to lift it.

Red Riding Hood is available to watch live streamed until Sunday 19 December, the show will then be available on demand until 31 December 2020.