La Soirée Review

Aldwych Theatre – until 3 February.  Reviewed by Claire Roderick


Returning to London, but now plonking their legendary red stage in the swanky surroundings of the newly refurbished Aldwych Theatre, the La Soirée team prove that they can still throw one hell of a party.

With on stage seating and table service for the posh folks, and the red stage sitting in the stalls surrounded by chairs, the atmosphere, the fun club atmosphere is not lost in the theatre. Full of sauce and some mind-blowing skills, performers from all over the world showcase their weird and wonderful speciality acts. The line-up changes, with guest star appearances. Standouts on the night I attended were the Chilly Brothers on the Russian Cradle (nothing to do with Trump’s predilections, thankfully), and Mallakhamb India!, with feats of strength and agility that will leave you open mouthed. Lea Hinz’s grace and power on the aerial hoop is unbelievable in a beautiful act, and local lad LJ Marles is sublime on the aerial straps.

Cabaret Decadanse’s puppetry is outstanding, especially their wonderful diva act, and La Serviette stole the show with their brilliantly choreographed and cheeky number attempting to protect their modesty with towels as they danced naked. Definitely one for your granny to see – she’ll love it!

Daredevil Chicken and Amy G provide the comedy, with Daredevil Chicken doing things with a banana that can never be unseen, and a wonderfully crude quick-change act that will have you howling with laughter. Amy G makes the onstage audience slightly regret their decadence in her turns, giving her pipes (at both ends) a good airing.

This is a show best enjoyed with lots of good friends and lots of good drink – an evening of graceful beauty and joyful stupidity that will make you want to come back for more.