La Clique Review

Underbelly, Cavendish Square – until 3 June 2022

Reviewed by Donna Easton 


Oh La Clique, La Clique, you make me happy! 

Like a crispy Cider in the sunshine or a 99 with a flake, I love that ‘summer’s coming’ feeling that a trip to Underbelly brings. 

The Spiegeltent always gives that atmospheric nostalgic circus vibe I loved from childhood although La Clique adds a big dash of sauce that makes this technicolor cabaret show a purely grown up affair. 

As a lover of cabaret, La Clique appeals to my very soul with smooth transitions, just the right amount of audience interaction and great use of space … what a giggly, engaged and happy audience were we! 

I particularly loved the two roller skaters even though I had to watch through my fingers and the two rope aerial guy … even though I had to watch through my fingers! 

La Clique is basically a banger of a fun night out. We absolutely loved it and if you want to escape the real world crazy, this is a whacking great dollop of the best sort of entertainment, scantily, sexy as hell, cabaret-filled, lolly-fied crazy they gave me all the good feelings in my tummy and lit the sequins of my heart!