Jack and the Beanstalk Review

York Theatre Royal – until 3 February 2018.  Reviewed by Marcus Richardson


Ever year the people of York prepare for Christmas in traditional York fashion, and like tradition the pantomime at York Theatre Royal always breaks pantomime traditions (Try that for a tongue twister). This year we were given ‘Jack And The Beanstalk’ which doesn’t follow that plot that most of us know. But then I find it hard to say there is a plot. Like last years pantomime I arrived in the nick of time with great expectations; last year they were met, this year not so much, it’s become a very in crowd and the inside jokes leave a lot of people clueless.

Berwick Kaler once again is the Dame of the panto for 39th time. The longest running dame, also takes on the task of writing and co-directing the show. Martin Barrass who is part of the iconic mother and son duo with Kaler returned after a motorbike accident. The Couple both coming back from broken limbs and heart surgery made a fair few jokes about it on stage. If you knew the whole story it’s hilarious but if your new to it you can feel left out. Suzy Cooper returning as the blond bombshell who’s only 18 for a lot more than 18 years. I love returning to see the same faces, giving the pantomime a family feel. The more shows you see the more you will enjoy. You can be part of the inside joke circle. Knowing all the jokes. Parts of it felt flat this year, and even though it was only the second show, under-rehearsed. David Leonard who infamously plays the Villain took on the role of Dr. Macabre gave the role his usual flair that people love to hate. It is a marmite show you either love it.

For me I love it, returning from Manchester for, however a am a tad let down, I still enjoyed it, but it didn’t measure up to the previous pantomimes I saw at York Theatre Royal. Both the show and cast still managed to make me laugh with its wacky jokes and bizarre plot.