How He Lied To Her Husband and Overruled Review

Orange Tree Theatre – 26 May 2021

Reviewed by Carly Burlinge


Two short, humorous plays by Bernard Shaw

How he Lied to her Husband – When Aurora (Dorothea Myer-Bennett) who plays a panicked and agitated wife, discovers that her love letters from her admirer Henry (Joe Bolland) have been misplaced! She is very concerned that they will end up in the wrong hands of her husband Teddy (Jordan Mifsud). Although her admirer Henry who is very young does not care for others or the consequences of his actions and gets very frustrated!   He feels very passionate is a bit of a dreamer and  besotted by her.  Aurora on the other hand wants to keep the secret and he wants to confess all. This only frustrates Aurora who become quite dramatic gets very agitated and panicky and tries to put Henry in his place. Then Her Husband Teddy (Jordan Mifsud) arrives who plays a man very sure and confident of himself and wants to discover what’s been happening.

Overruled – When Gregory (Alex Bhat) falls for a women Mrs Juno (Hara Yannas) but  finds out that they are both married. Then they discover that both their spouses Sibthorpe Juno (Jordan Mifsud) and Mrs Lunn (Dorothy Myer-Bennett) have also made a connection. All hell breaks lose and conversations spark on love and Marriage. Can they talk each other out of the situation or will love become reckless!

The Orange Tree Theatre was a lovely small venue which I felt was intense and personal all at the same time. Both plays were performed right in front of you with only  a few props  on show and its all that was needed. Great use of lighting through out performance also.
As for the acting what a fantastic performance by all thoroughly believable, a little outrageous and intense at times as well as very funny and enjoyable. What a fabulous combination. A great connection was seen between themselves on stage. Which was entertaining and amusing  to watch. The atmosphere was fabulous with the audience laughing out loud on many occasions. I haven’t laughed so much in a long time definitely worth a watch just Brilliant!