Her Naked Skin Review

Salisbury Play House – until 20 October 2018

Reviewed by Nicky Wyatt


A fast moving and thought provoking play showcasing the difficulties that women struggled with to get the vote. Suffragettes were the gain of the male
dominated governments and lands during the early 1900s.

Her Naked Skin celebrates a 100 years since women got given the right vote. It’s a powerful play written by Rebecca lenkiewicz , with a strong female cast that
don’t pull their punches. The story tells of their struggles not only to get a vote
but a voice that is heard.

It is a thought provoking, toe curling story that not only shows the struggle for the vote but also feminism itself.

Celia Cain (Abigail Cruttenden) a wealthy lady that is heavily involved with the Union , is prepared to be imprisoned for following her beliefs and much to her husband’s William Cain ( Robert Hands)dismay often ends up there. Her dear friend and my stand out actor Florence Bowman ( Jane How) is also determined to be heard and suffer for her voice. On one of their rallies they meet factory machinist Eve Douglas ( Lorna Fitzgerald), she is a working class girl that gets caught up not only in the movement but also in an intimate relationship Celia, this doesn’t go in noticed by Florence, who doesn’t approve.

During their time in prison they are subjected to force feeding and other poor treatment. On the outside they enjoy illicit intimacy that is until Celia becomes bored of Eve.

It’s an interesting story. The actors are clearly passionate about the story, I found the many scene changes distracting and not always necessary for the few words that were spoken in some.