GUILDFORD FRINGE FESTIVAL (JULY 2020) – Cancellation Announcement

PRESS RELEASE STATEMENT FROM GUILDFORD FRINGE FESTIVAL (As of 6 April, 2020)Guildford Fringe Festival was set up in 2013 and is now Guildford’s largest, independent arts festival. We are a multi-arts festival which runs every July. Due to Covid-19 Guildford Fringe Festival 2020 has, sadly, been cancelled.

The two main months of artistic output and financial income at Guildford Fringe are July (Guildford Fringe Festival) and December (Guildford’s Adult Panto). Losing one of these months is incredibly terrifying for us and puts us in a position of uncertainty.

Charlotte Bateup, Nick Wyschna and Jake

Guildford Fringe is a very small business, run by two full-time employees, Nick Wyschna and Charlotte Bateup. It is far more than a full time job. In all honestly it’s a pleasure to be part of the community and to add to Guildford’s cultural scene but we cannot do this without money. Ticket sales are the bulk of our income and without events there will be zero income. 

We have set up a Crowdfunder campaign: Any money raised will go directly back into Guildford Fringe Festival and ensure that we have a festival in 2021. 

YouTube announcement (Nick Wyschna):