Grease Review


Edinburgh Playhouse – Monday 11th September 2017.  Reviewed by Linda McLaughlan


The evening began with the audience waiting in anticipation for the production to begin. The orchestra were positioned high above the stage and kicked of the night

By introducing each member and their instruments. The show began with the classic song which took you back to the summertime and the beach when Tom Par-ker (Danny) and Danielle Hope (Sandy) each took to the side of the stage to sing the opening Sandy before the rest of the Company erupted on stage to the sound of Grease is the Word. The story had begun of teenage romance, slick hairstyles, rock and roll and friendships formed in school that would stand the test of time. A time when students enjoyed getting together to listen to record players and vinyls with nights in the Hamburger joints enjoying milkshakes. The audience clapped and sang as the evenings show got into full swing. Sexy dancers in the showers, the Pink Lady’s and the T Birds really got everyone in the mood to kick off their shows and enjoy the performances as they unfolded.

Tom was amazing both in voice and also adding the quirky moves associated with John Travolta in the original movie production of Grease.

Danielle brought a sophisticated touch to the performance with her amazing vocal range which brought a different feel to the show. Credit must be given to Tom Senior and Louise Lytton for their perfect performance and portrayal of Kenickie and Rizzo another two main characters of the show. Credit must also be given to all the Performers who each brought a musical highlight to each song performed.

The staging and originality brought to the performance was different from the original movie which kept the audience on their toes as what would be an expected song came later or earlier that predicted. This arrangement brought freshness to the night and added a classic touch. Songs which everyone recognised allowed the audience to participate by clapping and singing throughout the performance. Music spanning over 50 years from the 1960’s and ranging from basic stage shows to Award winning Movies and Stage Performances this classic story has spanned many generations as was evident from the vast age range present in the audience from as young as 6 to 80. Everyone being able to relate to each song as it brought back memories or continued let them enjoy their new found love of Grease.

From the dance moves to the songs this performance made for a fun, enjoyable first class night in Edinburgh and I would recommend that everyone makes a family night of going to the Playhouse to enjoy this performance of a classic movie played out on the stage. The evening concluded with a much deserved standing ovation and a fantastic opening performance which everyone associated with the production can be proud of. ‘Grease is and will always be the word.’

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ An excellent show


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