Glee and Me Review

Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester – until 18 September 2021

Reviewed by Dawn Smallwood


Credit and copyright: Helen Murray

This award-winning comedy, Glee and Me, comes to the Royal Exchange Theatre which coincides with this beautiful theatre’s 45th Birthday. Written by Stuart Slade and starring Liv Hill, an acclaimed performer, this one-woman production is about a 16-year-old girl, Lola, whose sharp wit secures her future until a diagnosis changes her life forever.

Being diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour which quickly and negatively impacts her mind, she reprioritises her shortened life with two things she promises herself while she is alive; Firstly, she’s going to get All The Sex and secondly, she is convinced that she will discover the Meaning of Life.

This play gives insight of how resilient one is in the face of adversity and how the human spirit shines through evaluating life and fulfilling opportunities that still remain. Hill’s excellent portrayal of Lola’s and her sharp wit, humour, spirit, bravery and determination wins the audience’s hearts as evident from the reception being received after the performance.

With strong language and explicit packed content, Glee and Me has plenty to think about with references being made about the fragility of life and how easily it can be snatched away. It also looks at how fate dictates but allows one to make the best of it despite the adversaries and obstacles encountered. It also encourages subconsciously to re-examine what life really means after all.

Set centrally and intimately and directed by Nimmo Ismail, Glee and Me is explosive, explicit and evocatively moving! Laughter and happiness are shared along with sadness and poignancy