Fame The Musical Review

Bristol Hippodrome – until 15th June 2019

Reviewed by Lucy Hitchcock


The 1980 classic coming of age film Fame has slid in Bristol for the 30th Anniversary Tour, showing that it really will Live Forever!

The cast is a mix of multitalented performers, who interchange between song, dance and instrument playing effortlessly. Challenging themes such as homesexuality, drug use, illiteracy and the fear of failure, this is the perfect show to relate to all ages-which was reflected in the onlookers in the auditorium. The youngsters are all accepted into ‘PA’ a prestigious performing arts school and they learn to develop, use and fine tune their talents whilst having to battle the gripes of teenage life. 

The head of the school, Miss Sherman (Mica Paris) is a strong willed but vulnerable lady, as shown through These are my Children. This was, by far, the standout element of the show. Her gospel voice with an exciting jazz nuance was stunning and soared throughout the audience, giving a jaw dropping performance. She was able to command the stage effortlessly and deserves every round of applause she receives!

The choreography from Nick Winston is great and was perfectly executed by the cast. Even during the whole cast dance routines, my eye was drawn to Hayley Johnston (Mabel) as she put her heart and soul into the scenes and you could tell she was thoroughly enjoying herself. Jorgie Porter as Iris showcased her talents with dance, that were fluid and well executed. Cast members Alexander Zane, Louisa Beadel and Simon Anthony as Goody, Lambchops and Schlomo were exquisite. The played Saxaphone, Drums, Oboe, piano and trumpet to name a few during every song-a treat for us all! Molly McGuire and Stephanie Rojas as Serena and Carmen were also brilliant with their soaring voices to match the hard hitting themes of the show. 

Keith Jack was also brilliant as Nick-a plucky lad with heaps of talent and the determination of an ox. Jack was great, he absolutely fit the role perfectly and his vocal talent was second to none. The passion and excitement of Jack was show onstage and he played the role with upmost exuberance-a great casting choice!

Overall, this is a good show, but in some parts left me wanting more and fell a little lacklustre. But this is counteracted when you see how much fun the cast have doing this show – the friendships and strong bonds built through the cast are evident onstage which enhances the performances.