The King’s Theatre Glasgow – until 4 August 2018

Reviewed by Linda McLaughlan



We have all seen the TV Series, the Motion Picture and no doubt read the book but the stage performance brings the story to life in a different way through the genre of music, drama and dance. The background stories of wannabe students determined to show of their talents and graduate from one of the best High School for Performing Arts that everyone aspires to attend.

The storyline follows the story of a few of the students from the dancer Carmen (Played by Stephanie Rojas) who has dreams of making it big in Los Angeles where everyone will recognise her and her name will be in lights, but unfortunately her addiction to uppers (drugs) to keep her awake and going through the gruelling schedule of the school timetable begins to take their toll as her story progresses, ending in her premature death.

Then we have Iris (played by Jorgie Porter) at first she appears to be the little rich kid who arrives at school in a limo and is well thought off by the dance teacher Miss Bell, however in reality she is a kid from a very poor background whose father just works as a limo driver and drops her off on the way to work.

The highlight of my evening was the performances from Tyrone (Jamal Crawford) and Miss Sherman (played by Mica Paris). The relationship between the wanna be dancer who has an amazing talent but struggles academically and his teacher who pushes him to achieve but also threatens his dreams by telling him he will be thrown out of the programme if he doesn’t make the grade.

An evening of song and dance with performances that deserved the standing ovation at the end of the evening and a must see for everyone who has memories of watching ‘FAME’ as a youngster.