Cluedo Review

Southampton Mayflower – until 21st May 2022

Reviewed by Phillip Western-Scott


For me, Cluedo was not a widely advertised or talked about play/show but I believe it should be!

Having not seen the film myself, I was told it was equally as good as the original film, which was a welcome surprise.

It was a very funny show which was make by the acting of the ‘butler’ Jean-Luke Worrel absolutely amazing acting and comical timing. He enhanced the performance and had the audience in stitches during many points of the show. All the cast were brilliant and worked well on stage together to produce the comical jokes and hilarious slapstick style acting. The rapport between these 8 characters was excellent and thrust Mark Bell and Anna Healey’s direction into a new light.

David Faarleys set design was amazing and was particularly great to see how they turned the one main set into many rooms of the mansion to tell the story. It left the audience feeling as though they were really within the house, solving the clues as they went-making us the detectives too!

This show is now one of my favourites and would highly recommend that everyone see it-who knows, can you solve the murder?!