Club Tropicana Review

New Victoria Theatre, Woking – until Saturday 6th April 2019

Review by Heather Chalkley


A true homage to 80’s music and youth culture, Producer Mark Goucher brings you a classic love story of breaking up and making up. Maggie Thatcher’s Britain created business opportunities for the young and holidays abroad suddenly became available to an up and coming generation of ‘yuppies’. This comes through in the music. Woven into the score is a range of favourites including Oops Upside Your Head, Making Your Mind Up and Relax!

The costume and set took me right back to that era, along with the big hair and bright colours! Joe McElderry (Garry) sewed the piece together and got the audience up and dancing. The strong voices of Cellen Chugg Jones (Olly) and Karina Hind (Lorraine) really stood out, with lovely harmonies. The star of the show for me was Kate Robbins (Consuela), with a great voice and on point comedic timing. Her repertoire of impressions was hilarious – not many people can have a fair go at both Cilla Black and Tina Turner! The ensemble did a great job creating the 80’s atmosphere, bringing the positive, pioneering energy to their dance, that was coursing through the veins of most young people at that time.

Particularly those who remember the 80’s, this is a fun, feel good, night of entertainment and a chance to capture a glimpse of your youth. Or if you just love 80’s music the party atmosphere runs from the beginning right through to the end and everyone is encouraged to join in.