Christmas Carol: A Fairy Tale Review

Wilton’s Music Hall – until 4 January 2020

Reviewed by Molly Stannard


This rendition of Charles Dickens classic book brings a new twist to the modern audience. Piers Torday brings an interesting take on Scrooge’s character, shining a light on the struggles women had to endure during the 19th century. Following Jacob Marley’s inevitable demise, Fan Scrooge, his widow is forced to take over his company in order to survive. Gaining an ever-growing anger towards men’s attitude to women, fuelled by a childhood living in fear of her father’s drinking and gambling habits after losing his wife and her mother and then being left destitute as he was put in a debtor’s prison.

The seven strong cast played multiple rolls and included 3 puppets but was very well-executed. They brought an emotional yet comedic performance to the stage, taking the audience along the thrilling journey Scrooge endures.

The modern twist highlights the plight of women then and now, bringing it right up to date through a distant descendant by an ingeniously spooky spirit of Christmas future. It shows the struggle continues despite changing attitudes. Although a controversial subject it was laced with well-timed humour

This adaptation was rousing and will take you on an emotional roller coaster and leave you feeling Christmassy.