Carnaby Street: The Concert Review

Carnaby Street: The Concert – Civic Theatre, Darlington

Posted by: The Reviews Hub – Yorkshire & North East


Based on an original idea by Carl Leighton-Pope


It was a bit of a shaky start to the concert as the band scampered on to the stage looking terrified. The audience then sat stony faced during the first song which was one of the original songs from Carnaby Street the Musical. The songs then jumped into a medley from the Kinks and the audience soon warmed up back on familiar ground with the music.

The Carnaby Street Band made up of Dan Smith, Mike Slader, Greg Clarke, Jake Buckley and Sandy Grigelis played song after song and tune after tune effortlessly and with real enjoyment. With multi-disciplined musicians, the keyboard player played drums, the drummer played guitar, the guitarist played Keyboards and they all sang. The only criticism of the music is that in some cases it drowned out the voices, particularly when the girls were singing. Aimie Atkinson and Lucy Hope Borne both had stunning voices that deserved to be heard, so the music could have been turned down a notch and the girl’s microphones turned up to full.

With over 30 songs from the 60’s, the show flowed through mods and rockers and flower power. The audience were enthusiastic and clapped during the first half but, with the majority of the audience of an age to have been in the disco’s and clubs dancing to the originals of these songs it was a reserved auditorium. However after the half time drink and Santogen infused ice creams, the whole place perked up and were up and dancing in the aisles and in their seats. A rather wonderful moment was when a man with downs syndrome got the chance to sing “Satisfaction” when the singer jumped off the stage to sing with him. His face radiated pure joy and it was a simple act from the singer that meant so much to the young man.

The most outstanding moments were a haunting rendition of the Beatles classic ‘Here, There and Everywhere’ and some outstanding interpretations of the songs of the iconic Dusty Springfield.

The clothes were fabulous, the staging simple with a back drop proclaiming the legend “Marquee” and the songs were well played and well sung. The band reminded us at every moment they were the Carnaby Street Band and they were part of Carnaby Street the Musical which would be back on tour in the autumn and we could buy Carnaby Street the Musical CD’s in the foyer.

If it tours in your region it’s a fun night out.