Lyceum, Sheffield – until 1st October 2022

Reviewed by Alison Beaumont


Bugsy Malone The Musical tells the story of the rise of Bugsy Malone and the battle for power between Fat Sam and Dandy Dan. The musical is set in New York City and the characters are played by child actors. It captures a flashy world of wood-be hoodlums, showgirls and dreamers.

As all the main characters are children there are 3 actors playing each role. In the performance I saw Bugsy Malone was played by Gabriel Payne who was a cheekly little chap and had great vocals.

Blousey in this performance played by Mia Lakha had absolutely outstanding vocals and was the star of the show for me, this girl really has got an exciting future in musical theatre ahead of her.

Tallulah was played by Jasmine Sakyiama and just like Blousey played her role well and had amazing vocals.

Fat Sam (Albie Snelson) was spot on with his acting and portrayed the right amount of humour.

The orchestra could have done with being a little bit quieter as sometimes they were a bit too loud when the children were singing.

The ensemble and swing was played by young adults who added that little bit extra to this show. In particular Georgia Pemberton stood out to me. I particularly liked the boxing scene they managed to keep the skipping all in time and how they managed to move the ropes of the boxing ring without any mishaps had certainly been impressively rehearsed.

It was good to see lots of young people in the audience and as I overheard one little girl say to her mum “this has been the best night of my life ever” it shows how the younger audience were also entertained with this musical.

Well done to all the children they really are very talented.