Beauty and the Beast: A Musical Parody Review

King’s Head Theatre – until 17th November

Review by Heather Chalkley and Antonia Hebbert


Anyone who says musical theatre is just a bit of fun will have their minds changed by this fast paced piece, full of action and belly laughs. It is an inspired parody that certainly gives the cast and creatives a challenge to keep up and keep a straight face!

Fairy tales have been a great vehicle for teaching morals and ethics to our children for centuries. This modern day version by Robyn Grant and Daniel Elliott does a great job in continuing and extending that tradition to adults, tackling tricky subjects with humour. Hearing the classic lines of a fairy tale in role reversal is a unique experience that certainly makes you sit up and listen.

The multiple parts played by five actors added to the hilarity, with blatant costume and role changes right in front of your eyes. All the performers were fun to watch as they switched nimbly from one part to another and broke into the odd bit of nifty dancing. Robyn Grant played Beast with gusto and some well-placed snorts. Grant carried it off with ease. The campness Jamie Mawson brought to Beau still allowed for moments of high drama. The kiss between Beau and his mother Maureen was unexpected and caused a ripple, a great example of how the Fat Rascal Theatre Company push the boundaries just beyond the edge. Allie Munro gave a magnificent performance jumping between major roles as Beau’s mother Maureen, The Maid La Fou Fou and Lumie The Candelabra. Each of her parts was distinct from the other, conveying a different message of love and devotion.