Back to the Future the Musical Review

Opera House, Manchester. – until 17 May 2020

Reviewed by Sally Hopper


GREAT SCOTT! If I could give this show more than 5 stars I absolutely would do in a heartbeat! WHAT AN INCREDIBLE SHOW!

The actors in this production were all incredible! In moments I thought that they had really used the DeLorean and gone back in time to retrieve a young Michael J Fox to play Marty, Olly Dobson was amazing. He sounded, looked and even had the mannerisms of Marty, the portrayal was so well done I don’t think anyone else could have done a better job. Alongside Doc played by Roger Bart they made an incredible team, Doc who was just as mad and hilarious as he is in the movie. Leading the crowd to simultaneously howl in hysterics and chant those famous lines from the movie together as if it was a cult meeting “ROADS… WHERE WE’RE GOING WE DON’T NEED ROADS”.

For me my favourites were George Mcfly played by Hugh Coles, he was cringingly awkward but yet adorable in his own way. The gangly and puppet like dancing was both side-splitting and charming at the same time and the moment he stands up to his bully Biff had the whole crowd cheering for him. My other favourite would have to be GOLDIE WILSON!! Played by Cedric Neal his voice filled the room, the words in ‘Gotta Start Somewhere’ potentially resonating with the crowd, his performance was perfect.

Another thing that certainly needs to be mentioned would be the set itself, every last detail was considered and worked SEAMLESSLY. It was almost like a board game where everything could move, slide and spin in whatever way was necessary and the screen that dropped in front giving us the effect of drivin’ 88 and through time to the rain in the last storm scene to get Marty back to 1985, was so realistic that I thought it really was raining on stage. I can’t talk about the stage and set without mentioning the DeLorean. All talking, smoking, fiery and beautiful, there’s not much more I want to say about it apart from the ending, flipping it around 360° with both Doc and Marty inside was incredible.

As a great lover of the 50’s dresses and rockabilly style I have to address the costumes, they were all fantastic! Switching between the 80’s fashion of bright colours and big hair to the swing dresses and bouffant hair all of the actors and dancers looked the part of the decade they were in. I’m also now wanting to search high and low for the outfits in the 21st century song in Doc’s dream sequence.

Now I need to go find myself a flux capacitor and a DeLorean to go back in time and watch this show over and over again. I would recommend EVERYONE go see this show. It was OUTSTANDING!