Aspects of Love Review

Southwark Playhouse – until 9 February 2019

Reviewed by Alex Sykes


There are aspects of a success with this new production from the very successful Aria Entertainment. After enjoying a run at Hope Mill in Manchester, the show is now at Southwark Playhouse for a limited run

Set over 17 years in France, Aspects of Love tells the story of Alex (Felix Mosse) as he falls in love with Rose (Kelly Price).

The entire plot is sung through, with the well-known Love Changes Everything the first song in the show.

The set is simple, with tables and chair being moved around to represent different places such as Paris and Pau, the front row of the audience are on stage due to layout of the theatre and the little tables being used as props for the cast. The costumes are simple yet appropriate and the casts ability to change quickly is impressive, I think Kelly Price has a different outfitting every scene.

The aspects of love the title refer to are the love between Alex and Rose – constantly falling in and out of love with each other. The love Rose has for George when she is both his mistress and his wife, Jerome Pradon however plays a wonderful George and earned his standing ovation. The love of a family between Rose, George and their daughter Jenny and the forbidden love between Alex and Jenny. A special mention must be given to Madalena Alberto for her portrayal of Giulietta Trapani, George’s Italian “friend” who helps Alex see the light in regards to his love for 15 year old Jenny.

The show finishes with Mosse once again singing Love Changes Everything as the audience are brought up to date with the story and Alex leaving with Giulieta after George’s funeral.

One of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s lesser shown works, its had a breath of fresh air breathed into it by Katy Lipson. See it at Southwark while you can