Anything for Love Review

Grand Opera House York Wednesday 29th May 2019.

Reviewed by Michelle Richardson

4 Stars

Steve Steinman once again hit the Grand Opera House York, this time with his reworked Meatloaf Story, Anything for Love. Steinman has been touring the UK and beyond with his original Meatloaf Story and Vampires Rock for years, after appearing on Stars in your Eyes as Meatloaf. This brand-new tour has the added attraction of Lorraine Crosby, the original artist who sang with Meatloaf on Anything for Love, off the Bat Out Of Hell II album, she was also managed by Jim Steinman earlier in her career. This show was only the third performance of the tour, which continues right into next year.

I’m so glad to say that the theatre was packed out, not sold out, but enough of a crowd to provide a buzz and excitement with what we were about to experience. Straight away what hits you is the staging, with the huge bat right in the middle. Unexpectantly, for me anyway, the first tune we hear is Anything for Love, Crosby and Steinman’s vocals had me coming out in goose bumps. What followed was a feast of Meatloaf’s tunes from Bat Out of Hell I, II and III. We also get to hear a bit of Bonnie Tyler and Celine Dion. Steinman does the majority of the singing, but Crosby does her fair share, duets and solos, as well as providing us with tales of Bonnie Tyler and being a bad influence.

Steinman surrounds himself with a loyal group of performers, his ever-present side kick John Evans, providing backing vocals. It was strange to see him normal gear and not in his animal print legging and blue pvc pants. Emily Clarke, Trixi Bold and Victoria Hawley, the latter two continuing on from the fabulous Vampires Rock, provide the backing vocals and moves. Once again, the band were awesome, with some spectacular moments. We welcomed backed York’s own Henry Bird, who lapped up all the applause, this time he was joined by another York guitarist Damien Sweeting, Zoe Parr, pianist Andrew Present and the icing on the cake, the drummer, Pete Jean. Towards the end of the performance Jean performs a drum solo which was breath-taking, all I can say is wow!

Steinman is such a people person, interacting with audience, having a laugh at his and our expense, this is what makes his show so good and approachable, no wander he has such a group of loyal fans. Of course, what made the night was the encore of Bat Out of Hell, the absolute whole audience were on their feet singing and dancing.

The only reason I have not given the show 5 stars is unfortunately down to the sound on occasion. Both have such powerful voices and pack a punch, but at times it was just resonating completely through my body and I could not hear the vocals clearly enough. Please don’t let this put you off as this may just be a local issue, or even just me and my hearing.

Again, Steinman has produced a cracker of a show, one not to miss for all, and you even get to see fireworks, what more could one want from a night out. I am now officially one of the fans who so look forward to his shows, bring on the next one.