Announcing the Big heArt Busk; a call out to performers and artist around the country to bring some life back to the world of live entertainment

Big heArt Busk

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A call out to performers and artist around the country to bring some life back to the world of live entertainment

starts 02 October 2020 today announces Big heArt Busk, an initiative which will see performers from all around the country busking in socially distanced spaces from Friday 02 October.

The project was conceived by producer William Burdett-Coutts and Kim Acland and has received early support from major figures in the UK arts, Stephen Fry and Brian Cox. 

Big heArt Busk is an opportunity for artists and entertainers around the UK to get out and celebrate live performance anywhere and everywhere they can, remind the public of the importance of live performance, and, importantly solicit financial support.

Since most artists are freelance, they have not had any support or income through this very difficult time. This is the first call out to all artists and entertainers to get their acts together and ready to start busking from Friday 02 October.

After months of almost no live performances the challenge is to bring productions back to life for all to enjoy in safe open air spaces, parks, theatre foyers and any other accessible setting which allows for a socially distanced audience. Given the limitation on numbers this may restrict how a performances can take place, but even if “buskers” can only play to a limited audience they can record their ‘busk’ on their phone and upload it to to reach a larger audience online.

William Burdett-Coutts said “We are announcing the Big heArt Busk today to give the artists and performers time to rehearse before 02 October. We hope the country’s performers get such a good response form the public that they will continue busking until they go are able to get back to work on stage as normal.”

Supporter of the initiative, Brian Cox said “Artists have been so restricted this past few months, they need to be able to flex their muscles no matter they are a stand-up, a dancer, an actor or a trick cyclist, they need to express and practice and the Big heArt Busk gives them that opportunity and I wholly support it as will those performers to take part.”

Another supporter, Stephen Fry, said“This is a great idea. Naturally, I’m in favour of anything that might help energise, renew and revivify the performing arts.”