An Inspector Calls Review

Kings Theatre, Edinburgh – until 12 October 2019

Reviewed by Siobhan Wilson


Set back in the early 1900s, a family are all sat around the dining room enjoying a celebrator meal following the daughter getting engaged when there is an unexpected visitor. Then Inspector Goole enters the fray and there is many a family revelation that come to light.

Liam Brennan portrays Inspector Goole phenomenally. Every action and word is calculated but so casual that it appears that he is thinking on the spot and reacting accordingly not coming from a memorised script. His aside to the audience and interaction with extras on stage is so natural and fluid it is so enjoyable to watch.

Chloe Orrock who is Sheila Birling the daughter that has just gotten engaged has a great range of emotive expression, from the timid young fiancée to the caring sister via exasperated daughter. She has a great ability to portray many emotions through her face and body only enhanced by her verbal range.

There is not a weak member in this cast, down to Linda Beckett who is Edna. She doesn’t have a line in the show but her presence is hugely felt and you can clearly see how she feels through her actions.

Ian MacNeil the set designer has outdone himself, from the house on the street that is closed off and you can hardly see in, to the house opening is reflective of the story of all the characters being closed off and then when the inspector enters, they all open up eventually. I also love how curtain is also used as a prop and not just lifted when the show starts.

The surprises, shocks, twists and turns in this show is perfect. I thoroughly enjoyed the mystery and thrills that came through this show.