An Evening of Clairvoyance with Steve Holbrook Review

Yeadon Town Hall – 30 September 2021

Reviewed by Sal E Marino 


Spirits were certainly high in more ways than one last night as an excited and eager audience entered the beautiful and historical venue that is Yeadon Town Hall to see the world-famous clairvoyant, Steve Holbrook.  As soon as Steve entered the room the atmosphere changed to one of respect with a soft glowing warmth.  A large number of hands were raised when asked who had been to one of his shows before and it was obvious there was a lot of love in the room for this man.  

Never having seen Steve before, I found his explanation of how his unique gift works really helped me understand more of what was going to go on but what stood out for me on stalks, was that when he entered straight into a conversation with a past loved one, how natural and normal it all seemed.  Not only is Steve an hilarious and highly-engaging personality but how he handled certain situations by showing loving authentic care was really moving and drew some to tears.  Always sensitive, Steve talked through some of life’s tragedies with audience members but made us all laugh too and that in itself is a gift; another one along with his amazing ability to connect with ‘spirit’.  

As people heard names and dates they raised their hands to indicate that they were the one that Steve needed to communicate with and then a fascinating conversation with the other realm unfolded.  I kept myself open and balanced throughout the performance as to how some things could be applicable to anyone or on the other hand, very personal and meaningful.  All in all, I was quite blown away by how most of the exchanges had a deep meaning for some people and that they had a very deep connection with Steve and the whole process.  On reflection, I’ve  come away with many questions but also a renewed enthusiasm for the opportunity to become more spiritually aware and very open to possibilities.  

Whether you’re a believer or not,  An Evening of Clairvoyance with Steve Holbrook, is an evening that you’re not likely to forget as it was: captivating, highly-entertaining and heart-warming throughout.  I know that I will definitely go and see Steve again and hope that I might be someone who is lucky enough to receive a message from a loved one and share that experience through him.