An Audience with Cannon and Ball Review

Hull City Hall – 31st May 2019

Reviewed by Dawn Bennett


If laughter is the best medicine Tommy Cannon and Bobby Ball should be prescribed on the NHS! From the moment they came on stage they had the very appreciative audience in fits of laughter.

They were a well-oiled machine and their jokes flowed thick and fast, and along with the audience participation (who loved it!), it made for a brilliant night out.

The first half took us back to their early television days, with sketches and catchphrases galore… “rock on Tommy”, “you’ve got me skin” to name a couple! Bobby’s infamous red braces and Hush Puppies were back and along with the adlibs I don’t know who was laughing more, the audience or them! And the signing was brilliant, both had fabulous voices!

In the second half we learnt about their early years. Having watched them on TV in the 80’s finding out how much hard work they put in to be the successes they have become was really interesting. Bobby working with his sister from the age of 8, them both starting off as part of a singing trio then a duet and then, realising comedians earned £3 more, switching to comedy and we’re so glad they did! Both were welders and they told how they met when Bobby welded Tommy’s steel toe capped boots to the rig they were working on! They talked about “dying” in clubs and working 42 weeks away from home in one year!

They had a question and answer sessions at the end, both totally unphased by the large number of hands that shot up and the questions that followed. They finished with a song and a very well-deserved standing ovation.

Cannon and Ball are totally at home with a live audience, hilarious without being crude or nasty. Would definitely be one I’d recommend you could to take the whole family to. Would love to see them again and long may they continue working!!