Althea Theatre come to the Hope Theatre with Jericho’s Rose this autumn

Presented by Althea Theatre
Jericho’s Rose
The Hope Theatre, 207 Upper Street, London, N1 1RL
Tuesday 16th October – Saturday 3rd November 2018

The award-winning Althea Theatre (There’s No Place Like; One Last Thing (For Now)) return to London, following their US tour, with Jericho’s Rose

Exploring the experience of displacement from the dual perspective of a grandfather struggling with Alzheimer’s and an artist struggling to stay in the UK, Jericho’s Rose is about searching for a home that can’t be found. The show takes the audience on a breath-taking journey across continents to ask what happens when you can’t remember where you belong?

Fresh from the Migration Matters Festival 2018, Jericho’s Rose is a uniquely innovative and beautiful piece about the inescapable isolation of displacement and how identity is built around the home. With discussions of borders never long out of the news-cycle and one in six people expected to develop dementia, Jericho’s Rose empowers a stronger dialogue around the subjects of both immigration and Alzheimer’s. It weaves new writing and projections, movement, live music and loop-pedalled sound to create a unique tapestry of fragmented memories: the remembered, the forgotten and the rediscovered

Writer, Lilac Yosiphon comments, ‘My grandfather has the scent of the road’. I wrote this sentence, in Hebrew, over 12 years ago. Three years ago this sentence found a home, in English, in a short play. This was around the time my grandfather started to forget where his home was. It then found a short home, in French, when I was in Paris after trying to apply for a British Artist’s Visa. And now, I use words from four different languages to speak of belonging, of where our mind resides and where our body lives. Between memories and borders, between languages and passports, what is it or who is it that determines where’s