A Thousand Clowns Review

Windsor Theatre Royal – until 2nd April 2022

Reviewed by Carly Burlinge  


It’s 1962 in New York City and Murray Burns (Will Young) is trying to bring up his nephew Nicholas (Rhys Bailey) who is a gifted and intelligent child. However, when Social Services arrive in the form of Albert (Leon Ockenden) and Sandra (Evanna Lynch) who want to check the boy’s welfare and upbringing. It seems they clearly have their own issues as a working duo with not much collaborating going on! Sandra who is new on the scene is wanting to stay and help as she feels there is more to the story than what’s on paper. Although Albert clearly insists that he has more experience and authority and believes he knows best and needs no persuasion regarding his decisions. Albert decides that things are not up to scratch and improvements must be made! To him the environment is unworthy and Murray needs to obtain a job to keep things in check. Nicholas the nephew seems to have all the answers available and can tell them exactly what they want to hear. As things continue it becomes clear that Murray is straightening out and unravelling other issues; helping them make things more certain and developed for themselves. With things getting even stranger when Albert decides to leave and Sandra decides to stay. What will the outcome be, will Murray leave his joking ways and step up as the guardian that he needs to be in order to care for his nephew or will things spiral out of control. 

This performance gives you the insight of being on air with the use of everyday objects from teacups being clinked to doorbells being rang, curtains being closed and folders being rustled, bringing the entire show to life. A very clever and enjoyable notion to watch. 

At first, I wasn’t sure how this production was going to unravel but after a short period of time it became very engaging as well as the storyline kicking in. With many laughs had by the audience it was a pleasure to watch and left a comforting smile.  

A show that brought much pleasure and enjoyment, a great evening out.