9 to 5 Review

Mayflower Theatre Southampton  – until 4 September 2021

Reviewed by Jo Gordon


All stand for Queen Dolly! I have been waiting to see this for a long time, I’m a huge fan of Dolly Parton, having even ticked DollyWood off my must do list ( that’s a whole different review!). Finally it happened and I was not disappointed. 

Firstly, how fabulous to see the theatre at full capacity, some kind of normality finally in very uncertain times! There was a definite split of those who know 9 to 5 from the 1980 film and those, like my daughter who’s knowledge stops at Dollys hit of the same name so viewing the production with fresh eyes. 

Set in the 80’s, it’s a story of three women’s struggle with their outrageously sexist, all round slimeball boss and the general misogynistic office culture of the time. After a slip up with rat poison in his coffee, the three workmates come up with a plan to bring him down a peg or two and hopefully liberate the women in the office. 

Hilarity ensues as they partake in kidnap, while running the business to hide his disappearance and discovering his dodgy dealings that could be the key to his downfall. 
The cast were outstanding, Louise Redknapp  as Violet, Vivian Panka as Judy and Stephanie Chandos as Doralee portrayed the three strong willed women beautifully with superb vocals and comedic timing.  Julia J Nagle as Roz and Sean Needham as Franklin were side splittingly funny, who’s scenes together were definitely some of my favourite parts. 

So tumble outta bed and stumble to the theatre ( sorry, it had to be done!) and enjoy a funny, toe tapping production worthy of a full five stars.