21st Anniversary Production Tim Arthur’s DARKTALES – Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2016

Beckman Unicorn presents

The Chilling Production


  Spooky, Poe-esque DARKTALES returns to the Fringe after 21 years with a revised script.  

  • DARKTALES is written by TIM ARTHUR, previous editor-in-chief of Time Out Magazine.   
  • This 21stanniversary production is directed by the twice-Olivier nominated DAN CLARKSON,most famous for being one half of the duo behind Potted Potter.  
  • Darktales stars ANDREW PAUL (The Bill, Coronation Street), SEAN WARD (Coronation Street) and CARRIE MARK (Secret Cinema). 

Horror-thriller Darktales is the scariest show at the Fringe! 21 years ago audience members gasped, screamed, fainted or had to leave the theatre. This chilling, creepy play explores the myths and the stories that scare us at night, and the two men who write them. The conversation becomes a sinister exchange, a dark rivalry – but the men are linked by more than their writing – there is a strong smell of sexual jealousy! And the mysterious Lucy looms over their stories. Confronting each other by demonstrating the power of each of their writing styles, slowly reveals a dark secret, leading to a terrifying conclusion.

TIM ARTHUR’s revised version of the script that terrified Fringe audiences updates the story for new audiences, but its haunting tales remain as chilling and as terrifying as before. Drawing inspiration from Edgar Allan Poe and H. P. Lovecraft you may think you know where Darktales is going, but it has scary surprises and twists up its sleeve.

Darktales is written by Tim Arthur, former editor-in-chief of Time Out Magazine and will be directed by the double Olivier Award nominee DAN CLARKSON, one half of the duo behind Potted Potter – an internationally-acclaimed, Harry Potter experience.

ANDREW PAUL, the familiar TV face most famous for his role as P.C. Dave Quinnan in The Bill will take on the role of Alex Crowley, the Professor.

Jack Langton, his ex-student, is played by SEAN WARD, who terrified the residents of Coronation Street as Callum Logan. Although Callum was brutally murdered in September 2015, he is currently haunting the residents of ‘The Street’, the Platt family to crisis as Sarah Platt has just given birth to his baby and believes he is alive!

CARRIE MARX plays the mysterious Lucy – the reason for Alex and Jack’s meeting. Carrie is an actress, singer and writer who has recently taken part in Secret Cinema productions to great acclaim.


3 – 29 August at 5:50pm (first review date: 5 August)

Pleasance One

Suitable for ages 14+

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