Dancing Queen Review

Dancing Queen – Civic Theatre, Darlington Posted by: The Reviews Hub  https://www.thereviewshub.com/dancing-queen-civic-theatre-darlington/ 23/05/2012  Director and Choreographer: Alan Harding 3* This is not Mamma Mia, neither is it a tribute band, it is not just a cabaret but also an unashamed cheese fest of the songs of Abba with a liberal sprinkling of some classic disco tunes […]

Yes, Prime Minister Review

Yes, Prime Minister – Civic Theatre, Darlington Posted by: The Reviews Hub  https://www.thereviewshub.com/yes-prime-minister-civic-theatre-darlington/ 09/05/2012  Written: Anthony Jay and Jonathan Lynn Director: Jonathan Lynn 2.5* It’s a strange situation when you’re sat in a theatre watching a farce that slowly evolves into a story about paedophilia. Not a particularly funny subject.There may have been a clever point […]